Refractories for Lime Kilns

Limestone kiln is a kiln equipment for calcining limestone at high temperature to decompose limestone into quicklime CaO and carbon dioxide at high temperature. Limestone and fuel are preheated in lime kiln (if gas fuel is fed through pipeline and burner) and then decomposed to 850 degrees. Calcination is completed at 1200 degrees and then cooled. After that, it was discharged from the kiln. That is to complete the production of quicklime products. Different kilns have different ways of preheating, calcining, cooling and ash unloading. However, there are several technological principles that are the same: high quality of raw materials, good quality of lime; high calorific value of fuel, low consumption of quantity; the size of limestone is proportional to calcination time; the activity of lime is inversely proportional to calcination time and calcination temperature.

Lime kiln refractory lining is severely affected by high temperature thermal shock, mechanical wear, structural stress and chemical erosion. In view of the harsh service conditions, refractories are required to have good chemical corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature volume stability, integrality of masonry, good thermal shock resistance, good mechanical erosion resistance and wear resistance. Because the temperature of the three zones of the lime shaft kiln and the physical and chemical interaction between the materials and gases in the kiln are different, the requirements of materials used in different kiln areas are also different. In fact, the calcination bag is a high temperature area, where limestone is decomposed. Lime and brick lining will react, lining brick will be eroded and softened, and lining brick will be worn when material drops. If the refractory brick with poor melting resistance is used as lining brick, it will be damaged in a short time. Therefore, high alumina bricks with good refractory and wear resistance should be used in this area.

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