Ceramic Fiber Board

1.Low Heat Loss and Storage,
2.Resistant to Non-Ferrous Metals,
3.Excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack,
4.Resists oxidation and reduction,
5.High mechanical strength at high temperature.

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Ceramic Fiber Board Introduce

Ceramic Fiber Board is manufactured and designed for the thermal applications requesting high demands on rigidity, the thermal insulation properties and abrasion resistance of ceramic fiber board have been further improved due to the higher density. Ceramic fiber board is a vacuum formed product that resists higher gas velocities than ceramic fiber blanket. It is ideal for furnace, boiler duct and stack lining thanks to its thermal conductivity and low heat storage, which makes the shorter cycle times and quicker access for maintenance in the industrial furnaces possible.

Application of Ceramic Fiber Board

.Refractory lining for industrial furnaces.
.Combustion chamber liner, boiler and heaters.
.Transfer of non-ferrous metals.
.Expansion joint boards.
.Barrier against flame.

Technical Parameter

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