Ceramic Fiber Cloth

1.High temperature resistance,
2.Low thermal conductivity and thermal capacity,
3.Thermal shock resistance and long service life,
4.Excellent high-temperature insulation.

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Ceramic Fiber Cloth Introduce

Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a high performance industrial cloth made from zirconia grade ceramic fiber yarn, reinforced by high temperature alloy wire. It is durable, long-lasting product, ideal for high temperature applications up to 1430°C. ISOTEK Cloth contains approximately 18% organic fiber which burns out at high temperatures, causing some smoking and outgassing, but the cloth retains enough strength to be used as effective insulating cloth at high temperatures.

Application of Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic Fiber Cloth are used in welding blankets, expansion joints, stress relieving, fire curtains and removable insulation covers. Known for their premium quality, these products also find application in pipe wrap, oven door seals, high temperature gaskets, cable protection and flue ducts & liner protection. In order to rule out any defects, these products are stringently tested by our quality team.

Technical Parameter

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