Ceramic Fiber Wool

1.Good quality,
2.Highly stable to temperature,
3.Used in nuclear turbine.

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Ceramic Fiber Wool Introduce

Ceramic wool or fiber is known as a refractory material, a particular substance that has a heat-resistant property. It primarily consists of aluminum silicate, which includes fiber made from various polycrystalline fibers and molten glass. As an excellent material for insulation, ceramic fiber comes in several different types and can be used for numerous applications.

Application of Ceramic Fiber Wool

The use of ceramic fiber products or ceramic wool for insulation purposes has become very popular nowadays. Almost all companies today demand these products because they are mainly used to control heat. Ceramic fiber products widely used by various businesses that involve operations and manufacturing processes that generate or use high temperatures. These materials are used in various applications and they come in different types. To give you an idea about ceramic wool, you can refer to the guide below.

Technical Parameter

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