Clay Insulation Brick

1.Low levels of iron and other impurities,
2.High refractoriness,
3.High porosity, low volume density,
4.Good heat insulating effect and energy-efficient,
5.Good thermal shock stability,
6.Corrosion and erosion resistance.

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Light Weight Clay Insulation Brick Introduce

Light Weight Clay Insulation brick is made of local top grade fireclay materials under the high temperature according to the lasted national standard, which possesses even bulk density, high strength, low thermal conductivity and low impurity. The temperature in the 1200-1400 ℃. Ingredients are mixed with water made of plastic material or mud, mud with extrusion or pouring shape, 1250-1350 ℃ after dry burning oxidation atmosphere. The volume density of commonly used clay bricks is 0.75-1.2 g/cm3. In reality, more than 1.0, Light weight fire clay brick insulation brick index is the most concise method to judge its performance.

Application of Light Weight Clay Insulation Brick

Light weight fire clay brick mainly used for the insulating lining of hot surfaces or backing heat-insulating layers of other refractory materials. The refractory linings or heat-insulating materials of the industries, such as, ethylene pyrolysis furnaces, tubular furnaces, reforming furnaces of synthetic ammonia, gas generators and high- temperature shullte kilns,etc.

Technical Parameter

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