High Alumina Insulation Brick

1.Small volume density,
2.Low thermal conductivity,
3.Excellent heat insulation.

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Light Weight High Alumina Brick Introduction

Light Weight High Alumina Brick, also known as high-aluminium heat insulating brick, are used in building heat insulating walls or heat preserving walls, which is basically for preserving or insulating heat. Light weight high alumina bricks contain more than 48% alumina oxide. This kind of brick does not directly exposed to high temperature inside kilns or furnaces, it only built closely to the kiln wall as insulations. It is a good insulation refractory material, which has a high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity and good insulation quality.

Application of Light Weight High Alumina Brick

Light Weight High Alumina Brick is used in parts that is not exposed to abrasions and high temperature of melted matters. They should not be applied in environment that has a temperature higher than 1350℃.
.As a low price refractory material, the light weight high alumina bricks are applied in:
.Furnace Lining And Insulation Layers
.Ceramic Tunnel Kiln
.Roller Kiln
.Shuttle Kiln
.Heating Furnace & Coking Furnace In Iron And Steel Industry
.Other Thermal Equipment & Heat Treatment Lining

Technical Parameter

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