JM26 Insulation Brick

1.Low thermal conductivity,
2.Low heat storage,
3.High alumina, low iron and alkali flux content,
4.Accurate dimension,
5.designed packaging.

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JM26 Insulation Brick Introduce

JM26 Insulation Brick is an effective, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection advanced, according to the ASTM standard manufacturing products. Okorder series products are best Li Ning and insulation in all types of industrial furnaces in the metallurgical field, aluminum, petrochemical, electric power and glass ceramic materials. They can be used as part of the working layer of thermal insulation or non – melting. Products have been widely used in the following furnace, achieved satisfactory results.

Application of JM26 Insulation Brick

.Metallurgical Industry: blast furnace, hot blast furnace, heating furnace, etc..
.Ceramic industry: roller kiln, kiln, etc..
.Glass industry: glass furnace regenerator, etc.
.Carbon industry: carbon furnace, etc..
.Aluminum electrolysis industry: aluminum reduction cell, etc.
.Other industries: tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, etc

Technical Parameter

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