Acid Proof Brick

1.Strong acid resistance,
2.Wear resistance,
3.Low water absorption,
4.Low apparent porosity,
5.High temperature resistance,
6.Good thermal shock resistance,
7.High mechanical strength.

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Acid Proof Brick Introduce

Acid proof brick is made of high quality high silica acid resistance material, which can effectively resist to the corrosion of high sulfur gas , widely used in electric power, petrifaction, chimneys of metallurgy and other thermal equipment, and the liners of flue and easy-corrosive liners.

Acid Resistant Brick Feature 

1. Good acid resistant.
2. High strength and Wear resistance.
3. Low water absorption and low apparent porosity.
4. Good eroding proofing and impact resistance.
5. High temperature resistant.
6.Good thermal shock resistance.
7. High mechanical strength.

Application of Acid Proof Resistance

The acid proof brick can be widely applied to the lining construction of tower, pool, tank, groove of the petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy, brewing, dairy product, paper making, smelt, chemical fiber and electroplating, chemical laboratory, electricity generation, gas and other industry.

Technical Parameter

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