Alumina Carbon Brick

1.strong corrosion resistance,
2.good thermal shock stability,
3.high strength,
4.high thermal conductivity.

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Alumina Carbon Brick Introduction

Alumina carbon brick is also called aluminum carbon firebrick. It is a carbonaceous refractory material made of corundum (high grade bauxite, mullite, etc.) and graphite as the main raw material. According to the production process, alumina carbon composite refractory bricks is divided into aluminum-carbon brick and non-aluminum-carbon brick.

★ What are the Common Alumina Carbon Brick

1.Burned Microporous Alumina-Carbon Brick is mainly used for bosh above the air pipe, lining working layer of blast furnace lining in belly. Microporous aluminum-carbon brick refers to that the average pore diameter is no more than 1µm, and the percentage of the pore volume less than 1µm in the total pore volume is no less than 70%.

Burned Microporous Alumina-Carbon Brick features

(1) Low porosity & low air permeability.
(2) high voltage strength & high thermal conductivity.
(3) Anti-slag, anti-alkali, anti-erosion ability.
(4) Good thermal shock stability.

2. Aluminium Carbonaceous Refractories for Continuous Casting Tundish, mainly include water inlets, water outlets, and stoppers. These are also called special-shaped aluminum carbon bricks. Continuous casting nozzles and stoppers are made of corundum and graphite as the main raw materials. A small amount of additives are added. The phenolic resin is used as a binder. After mixing, molding, and drying, it is burned in a non-oxidizing firing kiln. The firing temperature is 1350 °C, after processing, spraying anti-oxidation coating can be.

Aluminium Carbonaceous Refractories for Continuous Casting Tundish

(1) Good integrity and safe use.
(2) To better purify the molten steel.
(3) High strength, resistance to molten steel and slag erosion.
(4) Wear resistance and long service life.

★ Aluminum Carbon Bricks Application

Aluminum carbon bricks can be used in blast furnaces, continuous casting tundishes (long nozzles, immersion nozzles, stopper rods, upper and lower bricks, skateboard bricks), ladle, hot metal cans, torpedoes and other thermal equipment.

★ Aluminum Carbon Bricks Manufacture Process

Add carbonaceous raw materials to alumina raw materials (corundum, mullite, bauxite), add small amounts of other raw materials such as silicon powder and Sic powder, and then use resin or asphalt as binder to mix, mix and press form,which is fired at about 1300 ° C in a reducing atmosphere.

★ What are the Raw Materials and Binders for Making Aluminum Carbon Bricks

For the non-burning aluminum carbon bricks, the commonly used raw materials are: corundum, mullite, first-grade high-alumina bauxite clinker, graphite, Sic and Si powder. Commonly used bonding agents are: resin, tar, asphalt and the like. Aluminum carbon bricks need to be made according to the intended use, the raw materials for aluminum carbon bricks with different functions and different functions are also different.

The above is a brief introduction of aluminum carbon bricks. If you need to purchase aluminum carbon bricks, you can tell the YX refractory factory the aluminum carbon bricks you need. We can customize according to your requirements and provide you with optimized furnace and thermal engineering. Refractory material solutions for equipment.

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