Alumina Silica Fire Brick

1.High Temperature Bulk Density,
2.Excellent Capacity of Refractoriness under load,
3.High Thermal Conductivity,
4.Low Porosity,
5.Excellent Abrasion Resistant Ability,
6.Excellent Thermal Shock Performance.

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Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale

Alumina silica firebrick belong to the group of alumina-silica refractory products. This kind of products are applied widely in iron, steel, glass, and nonferrous metals industries under high temperatures. Rongsheng refractory provides all kinds of alumina silica brick bricks in low price. Alumina silica fire bricks plays an important role in various high temperature industries.

Basic chemical components are silicon oxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3). We have excellent alumina silica firebrick for sale at a competitive price.

High-Purity Alumina Silica Fire Bricks Properties

High Temperature Bulk Density
Excellent Capacity of Refractoriness under load
High Thermal Conductivity
Low Porosity
Excellent Abrasion Resistant Ability
Excellent Thermal Shock Performance

Three Major Categories of Alumina Silica Bricks

Semi Siliceous Products (Al2O3≤30%)
Fire Clay Products (30%≤Al2O3≤48%)
High Alumina Products (Al2O3≥48%)

Different raw materials and volumes of component determine the kind of products.

Alumina Silica Fire Brick Applications

1. Steel furnaces
2. Iron making furnaces
3. Glass kiln
4. Ceramic tunnel kiln
5. Cement kiln

Our alumina silica fire brick products have been shipped all around the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc. welcome to buy alumina silica firebrick at Rongsheng and enjoy our high quality service. Please leave your massage and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

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