High Alumina Refractory Ball

1.Large volume density,
2.High refractoriness under load,
3.Low creep rate,
4.Good resistance to erosion,hydration,chalking and stripping,
5.Relatively good thermal shock resistance,
6.Easy operation,convenient replacement and recycling usage.

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High Alumina Refractory Ball Product Description

Refractory ceramic balls are made of industrial alumina and refractory kaolin as the main raw materials, which are made by scientific formula, forming and hightemperature calcination.

Refractory porcelain ball is divided into ordinary refractory ball and high aluminum resistance ball. Refractory porcelain ball high temperature resistance to high temperature can reach 1900 degrees, high mechanical strength and long-term use.

High Alumina Refractory Ball Features

1. high temperature resistant performance, the highest heat resistant ceramic ball temperature can reach 1900 degrees;
2. high mechanical strength, long use cycle;
3. good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the material;
4. good thermal stability, high strength;

High Alumina Refractory Ball Applications

Refractory balls alumina ceramic ball application in chemical fertilizer plant of high and low temperature transformation furnace, reformer, hydrogenation, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace, dispersed liquid, and supporting, covering and protecting catalyst role, can also be used in heating furnace of iron and steel industry and the transformation of equipment, ordinary refractory ball suitable for sulfuric acid and fertilizer industries converter and transform furnace, high aluminum refractory ball is suitable for industries such as steel, urea, hot blast furnace, heating and transformation furnace and other equipment.

Technical Parameter

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