High Alumina Runner Ingot Bricks

1.Feature regular shape,
2.Smooth and clean channel,
3.Precise dimension,
4.Premium performance in thermal shock resistance and Erosion proof.
High Alumina Chequer Firebrick

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Ingot Casting of Steel Used Fire Clay Aluminum Bricks Composition

We can offer a complete range of runner ingot brick for steel ingot castings composition. In order to meet the specific requirements of each steel plant, we has set up a vast assortment of moulds and is therefore in a position to produce custom-made products or special shapes according to different production requirements.

Runner Ingot Bricks Applications

1. Steel furnaces
2. Iron making furnaces
3. Glass kiln
4. Ceramic tunnel kiln
5. Cement kiln

Runner Ingot Bricks Can Be Customized

We offers fire clay, high alumina, alumina-mullite and other customized materialsin the manufacturing of the hollow wares.

We offers a typical set of hollow wares consist of the following shapes for ingot casting of steel:

-Funnel or Trumpet – Bell Bricks
-Long ,Round Stack Bricks
-Short, Round Stack Bricks
-Bottom Guide Bricks
-Spider or Center Runner Bricks( 1-way through 8-way)
-Long, Square Runner Bricks
-Short, Square Runner Bricks
-End Gate Bricks
-Center Riser Bricks

Other shapes and sizes are available based on the specific requirements of the customers.

Technical Parameter

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