Magnesia Carbon Brick

1.Good high temperature resistance property,
2.Strong slag erosion resistance,
3.Good thermal shock resistance,
4.Low high-temperature creep,
5.Good heat stability,
6.Good thermal conductivity.

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Magnesia Carbon Brick Introduction

Magnesia Carbon brick is resin-bonded brick made from dead-burned or fused magnesia and graphite. Anti-oxidant is added if required. Magnesia Carbon brick has good performance in thermal resistance, corrosion resistance and spalling resistance. Widely used in converters, EAFs, ladles and refining furnaces.

Magnesia Carbon bricks a very mature product in our area. As our area has 1/4 world storage of best quality Magnesia ore, we can provide as good quality as European Mg-C bricks with competitive prices. We also provide basic refractory lining solution for CONVERTER, EAF, LF, LADLE, etc. these industrial furnaces.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Sale Application

Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Sale is widely used in converters, EAFs, steel ladles, furnace wall and working lining of all kinds of furnace.

Technical Parameter

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