Magnesia Chrome Brick

1.Good thermal shock resistance,
2.Strong furnace slag erosion resistance,
3.High temperature strength,
4.High flexibility,
5.Low thermal conductivity.

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Magnesia Chrome Brick Intorduction

Magnesite chrome brick to magnesium oxide (MgO) and chromium oxide (Cr2O3) as the main ingredient,periclase and spinel as main mineral components of refractory products.

1.Common Magnesite chrome brick is made by sintered magnesia and refractory level chrome ore as raw materials. The space between refractory grains is bonded with silicate.

2.Direct-bonded Magnesite chrome brick is made by chrome ore with low content of impurities and pure magnesite,firing at the temperature above 1700°C.

3.Semi-rebonded and Fuse-rebonded magnesite chrome brick are made by fused magnesite chrome sinter.

Magnesia Chorme Brick Features & Benefits

1. Low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance.
2. Refractory category allow direct contact of fire, suitable ofr various atmosphere
3. Good integrity with furnace lining, long service life, easy operation, could be shaped freely
4. Product specification: standard form, normal standard, shaped and special shaped bricks.
5. Can be used in various kilns because of its cheapness and general tray package. Among all of the refractory materials, it is the most widely used.

Applications of Magnesia Chorme Brick

1. Furnaces of metallurgy industry, heat treatment furnace
2. Furnaces of chemical industry and construction industry.
3. Furnace of incineration of garbage, recirculating fluidized bed furnace
Standard sizing: 230 x 114 x 65 mm others up to the client

Technical Parameter

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