Magnesia Refractory Bricks

1.High temperature structure strength,
2.Slag Resistance,
3.Thermal stability,
4.Volume stability,
5.Thermal conductivity,
6.Hydration resistance.

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Magnesia Bricks Introduction

Magnesia Hercynite Bricks was prepared with hercynite as raw materials. The application results showed that the kiln coating formed rapidly and stability when using magnesia-hercynite brick. The magnesia-hercynite brick had low thermal conductivity and long service life, and its overall performance was better than magnesia-chrome brick.

Feature of Yuxin Refractory Magnesia Bricks

1.High refractoriness,usually the refractoriness is above 2000°C.
2.Refractoriness under load about 1500-1550°C because of poor high-temperature intensity.
3.Strong ability to resist basic (alkaline) slag,can not contact with acid refractory material.
4.Poor Thermal shock resistance,so keep the temperature of furnace stabilized.
5.Poor Volume stability at high temperature,must set aside appropriate expansion joint when laying brick.
6.Strong ability of thermal conductivity,sometime need insulating material.
7.Hydrability, keep product away from moisture during storage.

Applications of  Yuxin Refractory Magnesia Bricks

1.Iron Steel Industry
steelmaking furnace lining, ferroalloy furnace, metal mixer furnace lining, converter lining, arc furnace wall and furnace bottom, soaking furnace, heating furnace bottom

2.Non-ferrous metallurgical industry
copper,nickel,lead,zinc,tin smelting furnace lining, refined copper reverberatory furnace,ore electric furnace lining

3.Glass Industry
glass furnace regenerator checker

4.Building Material Industry
lime kiln,cement kiln

5.Refractory Material Industry
High temperature calcination kiln,shaft kiln and tunnel kiln

Technical Parameter

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