Silica Mullite Bricks

1.High Strength,
2.Good wear resistance,
3.Excellent thermal shock resistance,
4.Long service life for protective layer.

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Silica Mullite Bricks Introduction

Silica-mullite bricks mainly designed for rotary kiln of cement industry. Silicon mullite bricks by adopting high grade bauxite and SiC as raw material and special sintering process, silica-mullite bricks are characterized by high strength, good performance of abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance, constant forming protective layer for reducing accrection formation, long application cycle etc. Silica mulite fire bricks are used for the transition zone, calcining zone of medium and small cement kiln.

Advantages of Silica Mullite Bricks

1. High temperature resistance.
2. Erosion resistance.
3. Wear resistance properties.
4. Refiring small contraction
5. Excellent thermal shock resistance
6. Strong resistance to the corrosive gas and slag.

Silica Mullite Bricks Application Industry

Silica mullite brick materials in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, machinery, electricity, light industry and other basic industries have a wide range of applications. The main application areas of refractory materials and their respective proportions in the steel industry accounted for the largest proportion. Followed by cement, ceramics, glass, chemical, nonferrous metals.
Silica mullite brick mainly used for the transitional zone & calcining zone of cment rotary kilns, and coolers.
AZM1650  is suitable to pre-heating decomposition zone of rotary kiln.
AZM1680 is suitable to the transitional zone of rotary kiln.

Technical Parameter

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