Magnesia Iron Spinel Bricks

1.Good flexibility,
2.Thermal shock stability,
3.High volume stability,
4.High load softening temperature,
5.Excellent thermal shock,
6.High erosion resistance.

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Magnesia iron spinel bricks is a type of new product developed by ourselves independently by the conclusion of years’ working experience and combining the advanced technology of related large scale cement kilns at home and abroad. Which has already obtained the national invention patent. Magnesia ferrite spinel brick was successfully developed in the year of 2005, which has already been widely used in the firing zone of 5000d/t cement kilns at home and abroad and warmly. Warmly welcomed by the customers.

Magnesia Iron Spinel Refractory Brick Introduction

Magnesia-iron spinel bricks use high-purity magnesia sand and Al-Fe spinel sand as the main raw materials through reasonable proportioning, high-pressure molding, strictly control over the firing temperature and firing atmosphere to make the products have good flexibility and thermal shock stability, and no hexavalent chromium pollution for cement kiln burning zone. The product is high volume stability, high load softening temperature, excellent thermal shock, sticking kiln coating properties and erosion resistance exceeding high quality magnesia-chrome brick, and have small reaction to cement clinker, the impact of the kiln skin off far less than magnesia-chrome brick. Proved by the usage, they not only have long life, smooth debris surface, and also no hazards of chromium.

Magnesia Iron Spinel Refractory Brick Advantages

  • Excellent adhering coating performance.
  • Low thermal conductivity (1000℃,27w/m·k), small thermal expansion coefficient(1000℃,1..217%).
  • Excellent structural flexibility, strong penetration resistance and anti-erosion to alkali salt content of K2SO4、Na2SO4、NaCl、KCl decomposed by cement material.
  • High refractoriness under load, excellent thermal shock resistance, used in key parts of sp kilns and NSP kilns with high temperature ,fast speed, strong anti-erosion and great mechanical load.

Magnesia Iron Spinel Refractory Brick Application

Magnesia ferrite spinel brick mainly used in the cement rotary kiln sintering zone.

Technical Parameter

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