Clay Insulation Castable

1.High strength,
2.Good insulating property,
3.Good thermal shock resistance.

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Fire Clay Insulation Castable Introduce
Refractory castable is an unshaped material delivered in the state of dry powder, and mixed before use, can harden at the ambient temperature to achieve adobe strength after construction without heating.

Light weight refractory castable composed of refractory lightweight aggregate, powder, binder and admixture and other components. The product has characteristics of small volume, high compressive strength, good acid and acid gas corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, low water absorption. Its construction is simple, is the best construction product for the high temperature alkali resistant parts. Good workability, strong cohesion, initial setting time and construction can be a long time, fast strength growth, strong impermeability, no acidification, easy to ensure that the masonry plaster full and dense, can significantly improve the chimney liner air tightness, integrity and anti-corrosion ability. It is an ideal cementing material for high chimneys, high temperature flue and duct lining. It can also be used in acid tank and other acid resistant parts in petroleum, chemical, nonferrous metallurgy and so on.

Application of Clay Insulation Castable

• Metallurgical industry
• Petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, electric power
• Engineering industry furnace and thermal equipment

Technical Parameter

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