Corundum Mullite Castable

1.High strength
2.High temperature resistance
3.Strong wear resistance
4.Good erosion resistance
5.Excellent thermal shock stability

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Corundum Mullite Castable Introduction 

Corundum Mullite Castable is a kind of high strength unshaped refractory materials for sale in YX Company, which can be used in cement kiln. Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory can perform high properties such as high crushing strength, high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, wear and chemical erosion resistance in lining of large power station boiler and other high temperature equipments.

Application of Corundum Mullite Castable

Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory can be used in steel furnace, cement kiln, glass furnace, iron making furnace, ceramic tunnel kiln and so on.

Technical Parameter

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