Fire Clay Refractory Castable

1.High strength and wear resistance,
2.Good resistance to flake performance,
3. Good thermal shock stability,
4.Scouring resistance,
5.Good hot strength.

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Fire Clay Refractory Castable Introduction 

Fire Clay Refractory Castable for aggregate with bauxite and flint clay, silica powder, calcium aluminate cement, water reducing agent prepared general castable, choose corresponding grade aggregate, mixture volume density of 2.2 clay castable for customers to use. The product compact structure, high temperature performance is good, good thermal shock resistance and abrasion resistance, construction is convenient, suitable for all kinds of neutral industrial kiln lining.

Application of Fire Clay Refractory Castable

Fire Clay Refractory Castable is used in the lining of steel rolling heating furnace,heat treatment furnace,boiler,shaft kiln,preheating zone of rotary kiln

Technical Parameter

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