Low Cement Refractory Castable

1.Made from optimum quality materials,
2.Low thermal conductivity,
3.Excellent strength at various temperatures,
4.High Mechanical Strenth,
5.Thermal shock resistance,
6.Easy Installation.

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Low Cement Refractory Castable Introduction 

Low cement refractory castable mainly includes three types: high alumina refractory castable, mulite refractory castable, corundum refractory castable. This series of castable are featured with high strength, anti-scouring, anti-abrasive, and excellent performance.
With these characteristics, the low cement refractory castable is widely used as linings in reheating furnace and other industrial furnaces.

Application of Refractory Castable

1. Furnaces of metallurgy industry, heat treatment furnace.
2. Furnace of incineration of garbage, recirculating fluidized bed furnace.
3. Furnaces of chemical industry and construction industry.
4. Tundish lining.

Technical Parameter

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