Silica Refractory Castable

1.High load softening point,
2.Low high temperature creep rate,
3.High strength,
4.Low porosity,
5.Strong thermal shock resistance.

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Silica Refractory Castable Introduction 

Silica Refractory Castable are formulated for increased thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, and resistance to molten metal attack.  Our castables are manufactured using high quality calcium aluminate cement and high purity fused silica.  Our fused silica castables have seen extensive use in transfer troughs, stalk tubes, flow control components, liners, and launders.  We have several insulating castables and non-wetting castables to choose from.  All of our castables are subject to a strenuous QC process.

Application of Silica Refractory Castable

Silica Refractory Castable are used in refractory castables provides better particle packing. Silica fume use requires less water, while maintaining the same flow characteristics. also use promotes low temperature sintering, and the formation of mullite in the matrix of castables.

Technical Parameter

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