High Alumina Cement

1.High initial strength
2.Sulfate corrosion resistance,
3.Biological acid erosion
4.High temperature resistance,
5.Fast coagulation,etc.

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High Alumina Cement  Introduce

High Alumina Cement (previously called bauxite cement) is a kind of grinding hydraulic cementing materials with clinker about 50% alumina content and has calcium aluminate as the main material, which is also called refractory cement, which can be made to low cement high alumina castable to build or repair all kinds of furnace and kilns for thermal insulation or acid erosion resistance with high strength.

Application of High Alumina Cement

High alumina cement is mainly used to configure refractory castable such as high alumina low cement castable which can build or repair furnace or kiln for heat insulation or high temperature erosion.

Technical Parameter

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