Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement

1.Stable physical performances,
2.Low water requirement,
3.Rapid and complete wet hydration,
4.High early strength,
5.High temperature resistance.

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Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement Introduction

The raw materials are high purity calcium materials and high pure alumina. The raw materials should be mixed according to suitable ratio. The raw material should be burned to partly fuse. After cooling, α-Al2O3 powder added into clinker, then ground to cement. The content of Al2O3 is usually controlled within 68% to 72%. The principal compounds of it are CA and CA2.

Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement Application 

Calcium aluminate CA-70/80 is used for manufacturing good property (low water, low cement) refractory castable, or unshaped bulk refractory materials, which are used in high temperature, high pressure, and reducing condition.  It is also high quality binder of refractory castable, which is extensively applied in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, building material, petroleum industry, ceramic industry etc.

Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement Features

Refractoriness under load is high; strength in working temperature is high; resistance to erosion is good. For high purity, it has high erosion resistance to reducing medium such as Co, H2, and CH4.

The early strength and strength in medial temperature of CA-70/80 are both high.

Refractoriness is more than 1650°C.

Technical Parameter

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